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one year later living in the new house

one year later the house looks like a home, we have more decorations, new furniture, some home improvements we did ourselves and many more to go, but yesterday we had chance to go to a VIP meeting about the New parade of homes/ Spring in Bridgwater trails and we meet...

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Home Sweet Home

I can't believe our home is looking like home. WE were without any appliances for few days, ths stove took longer to arrive and to be installed for the fact it was Gas and needed professionals to do it with permits as well. I love my Star Gas Stove! if you love to...

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Moving Day

these are some photos about our moving and the boxes every where and the shovel craziness that my husband had to do after all that packed snow for many weeks. We had a crazy week packing everything and buying all the appliances since the new house has no appliances....

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waiting time with new real state company and conclusions

we had to wait until the night of Friday 14/ November to get our previous real state to transfer the listing to Jason Cianflone company and wait for MLS to update our listing to be official. By Saturday 15/ November we got a call at 10 am from Jason himself saying we...

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Possession Day

YES, THAT was the possession day on 5 November and I believe I supposed to be super excited that day but I was not. I was entering a house with my husband and the staff from A&S homes without knowing If we ever could move to that house. It is that feeling...ok...we...

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possession date in hold

we're waiting a meeting to take place today and than I can share a very bad or hopeful news. =========== months came by.... Jan/07/2015: Here is what happened that day, to explain this post from Months ago. On November 12 we went to a meeting with Jason Cianflone to...

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When we got to the house, surprise... a lock on the door... We had to go to A&S office and get the key. When you plan your laundry room make sure you don't put it below your main electrical box :). Had to move the laundry to the other wall and send the drawings to...

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Shingles / Windows / Doors / Electrical

Last week we were busy with Jimmy 1st Birthday Party and we just went once to see the construction. When we arrive this week was a good surprise... Lots of thing were done. [juicebox gallery_id="10"]

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