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waiting time with new real state company and conclusions


we had to wait until the night of Friday 14/ November to get our previous real state to transfer the listing to Jason Cianflone company and wait for MLS to update our listing to be official. By Saturday 15/ November we got a call at 10 am from Jason himself saying we had one hour to clean our house because we had 3 families coming that day to see the house. That was fast! We spoke few times over the phone and his agent Alberto assisted us scheduling the appointments and we had people coming to see our house every day. By the 8.o day, on 23 November, we were walking at Ikea to get few more items for the house-showings when the phone ringed saying that we had an OFFER! I drove Jason’s office by sunset and we waited there a bit to sign the papers. The offer was less than we asked for and the lady wanted all our appliances as well
and honestly at that point, we just wanted to move on with our lives! so we accepted her terms.
She requested inspection of our house, it was done by Thursday 27/Nov and I believe the report was positive and by 8 pm when I was cooking dinner, Jason called us to say we had SOLD our house. I can’t explain the feeling. I was happier to sell our house than building one. It was a HUGE weight lifted from our hearts.
I cried. We cried together !
They delivered what they told us. They took opportunity in each house showing, giving us reports and finding solutions to deal with each problem to get our house stand up in the market towards others houses sitting there for weeks-months. And there are so many that did not sell yet. We put the price down, more than we wanted but you have to choose if you want to lose money on your old house and lose the down-payment or lose on the old house. But I can say for sure that Jason Cianflone and his hard working people saved us from a nightmare. He told us that 19 families were in the same position and they sold all their houses.

Conclusion:- by Saturday morning on 29 November, Jason came with his family and all the staff to help us to hang up the ” SOLD” SIGN In our River Heights house and he gave us a beautiful container with all home made jams, pickles veggies and a nice Italian wine to welcome our family to the new house.
He was my ” favourite” person of the year.
Another issue we had to deal with was the Moving.
Because we were paying interests for each day after ” possession date” we wanted to speed the lady’s possession date as much as we could. So we negotiated on that and she was ok in moving earlier.
We had only 10 days to get our 7-years house-stuff to move to the new house. It was nuts, I do not recommend it but we didn’t want to keep paying these 8% interests rates daily any more.By day 06/ December we were moving to the new house.




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