Priscilla’s Cooking BLOG

This is a blog I decided create years ago to honour my grandmother, DONA Lygia Sansigolo Kerr.

With her inspiration I learned that I could cook and  do a good job. She turned 89 years old on October 13, 2016. I wish I was there for my grandparents party and her last birthday party. But Canada and Brazil are not that close, unfortunately.

On the left a recent photo of myself, 22  Oct,  2020, 46 years old and on the right is a picture of my grandmother Lygia and my grandfather Dr. Warwick E. Kerr in a Family photo when I was 12 years old.


In March 2017 my grandparents SUPPOSED to  celebrate 70 years of marriage . This morning on Feb 13/2017  around 7:30 am she had a complication in a emergency surgery from last week and she did not survived to a second surgery. We re still in shock and in deep sadness. I wish I could transport myself to be with my family right now.

My grandparents loved each deeply for many years. We will all miss her deeply. She left one day before Valentine’s day….


vovoliThis is the photo from my wedding 15 years ago and how I want to remember her, that beautiful, sweet and smart lady that gave her the love the way she could to all of us and she was strong enough to raise 7 kids and be the good wife and partner for my grandfather Dr. W. Kerr to the very last week of her life. We will all miss you Vo Lygia. Sad thing that my kids never had chance to know Vo Lygia but we have talked a lot about her in these past months.

Thank you, This blog is for you. In your memory, good thing I asked my relatives to show this website to you in your last party. Love you forever.


I grew up in Brazil for 33 years when I decided to immigrate to Canada and my husband was kind enough to follow my dream and we’re a happy family here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I had chance to do my Medical Degree in Sao Paulo, and after I was working as a Family Physician I decided to change my residence to TCM Dr. I had a good knowledge in Psychosomatic Medicine where I took 4 years of my life studying and practising since Med School and than because of this approach of understanding what is behind the diseases I took a big interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine due to the whole Holistic approach. So I did 5 years of residence in TCM at University of Sao Paulo, School of Medicine.  As I was working at the Pain Clinic and Orthopaedic department as a volunteer teacher I had a special training as a pain specialist. Later on I had chance to participate on protocols together with Fertility Clinics using acupuncture.



My other passion is cooking. I grew up watching my mother cooking on Sunday’s mornings. Even if I never had chance to cook for 28 years ( the maids did not like anyone in their working zone)  I decided that I wanted to become a good cooker/ chef  and all that knowledge became alive in my mind.

And as everybody else,  after couple of mistakes and  disasters I kept researching recipes and cooking techniques and because I’m persistent  I was able to build some good cooking skills during the past 11 years or more.

My family has a Italian and Portuguese background and I know many recipes with 100 years of age witch I plan to share here .But most of this blog will be dedicate to the recipes I invented myself, how to cook to your kids ( I have 2 boys) and I will share some recipes that will help my patients to learn how to cook healthy and tasty according TCM.

Just be patient, I’m a mother, I’m a wife and an owner of a business at Manitoba Clinic witch I spend most of my hours practising acupuncture as a TCM Dr. I will update the recipes every time I can, see you around!