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When we got to the house, surprise… a lock on the door… We had to go to A&S office and get the key.

When you plan your laundry room make sure you don’t put it below your main electrical box :). Had to move the laundry to the other wall and send the drawings to A&S.

In addition to what my husband said, the only complain I have with A&S so far is that is very difficult for them to answer our emails. When we requested a change or an update about an issue to be fixed, you don’t get an answer. Sometimes they fix the issue but because they never answered in the first place you can only discover when you go back to your house site and look yourself.

Tip for A&S = answer your clients call or emails.
I called so many times there to try to speak at the designer centre or the responsible for our project and it was impossible. Nobody would return my calls. I had to call my agent and ask for interference. They’re very busy, but so far, we’re moving forward even with these issues.

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