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possession date in hold


we’re waiting a meeting to take place today and than I can share a very bad or hopeful news.

=========== months came by….


Here is what happened that day, to explain this post from Months ago.
On November 12 we went to a meeting with Jason Cianflone to talk about our situation after we got a letter from A&S homes with several requests and changes once we could not get the possession of the house on 5/ November. Their terms and requests were out to this world. With that conditions my husband and I were ready to just come to the meeting to give up the house. WE could not afford what they were asking and the terms were so bad that if we accept we were being nuts.
Anyway, we went to the meeting expecting the worst and to say Goodbye to our new house. I cried. We both cried in our way to the meeting.

But I have to say that Jason Cianflone surprised me again. He told us he would talk and negotiate with A&S homes with the help of our lawyer agency to negotiate better terms and something that we could start ” talking”.
He knew that that letter requiring impossible conditions and we wrote down what had to be changed in order for us to move on and keep trying to sell our house on River Heights with his time.

Life is about timing. With all that crazy issue with real estate market that happened at the same time we put our house for sale on the summer 2014, was not happening on Spring. If our house was for sale in May, we would get a very good price on it and it would be quickly sold. But after many basements flooded by rain waters in July,(our house was not affected) Suddenly from 18 houses for sale in River Heights on regular basis it became 90 houses…and 10 houses for sale in our street. It was a nightmare.
We dropped the price over 50.000 dol and was still not enough. And our previous real estate agent couldn’t help us after 4 months in the market. So Jason Cianflone sent that letter to my lawyers and they sent it to A&S homes with different terms we could work with and after couple of days in negotiation A&S homes accepted our new terms and we could relax a bit and let Jason Cianflone time take care of our River Heights Listing. But we were very stressed, what they could do in 40 days-term condition that our previous real state couldn’t do in almost 4 months?