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Pizza Dough using Poolish

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300g 00 flour (for pizza, not the one for pastry)
300g water
5g dry yeast
5g honey or sugar

mix all toguether in a bow, let it rest for 1 hour room temperature then put in the fridge for 16-24 hours (sealed with plastic wrap)

For the dough

4x 12in disc (250g)

100g water (60% hydration) or 133g water (65% water)
360g 00 flour
20g salt

mix salt with water and add to the poolish
add flour and work the dough until all ingredients are combined

rest the dough for 15 min (covered, I use the mixing bow upside down)
do pull and fold method for couple times until the top is smooth but do not break the glutten

rest the dough for another 15 min (covered, I use the mixing bow upside down)
do the pull and fold for few more times.

rest the dough for 1 hour

cut the dough and make the balls around 250g each

put the balls in a proofing box with lid and let it rest for about 2-3 hours

to open the dough

remove carefully the dough from the box and try not to break the top layer, sprinkle some flour on top and around and use a spatula under the ball.
put the ball on a floured plate, turn couple times to flour top and bottom of the dough

put the dough in a flat dry surface and use your fingers to press the air to the outside of the disk (border) without touching the border, I leave around 3/4 in for the border.

to streach the dough use the best method for you, there are couple videos on youtube