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Professional Photo Session


photoToday was our photo session with Madalena, we took some photos at Assiniboine Park but because of the rain forecast for the afternoon we did a quick run to the construction site and have not much time to take pictures.

we used ( to take our photos and I really recommend them. I wanted something special for my 40 year birthday, specially to hang in our new house, when the kids are still small, cute and out of problems. I wanted to be on my previous weight before pregnancy but I have a lot in my hands right now, hopefully after our move I can focus on doing more exercises. But I couldn’t lose the opportunity to have Jimmy as a baby in these photos.
When we left Assiniboine park and we drove out Bridgwater Lakes, a storm was forming. As we were getting closer and closer the clouds became more dense and darker and a wild wind started. So the kids were super tired after playing in the park and walking around for the photos and both passed out in a deep sleep inside the car. We didn’t know the guys work on Saturdays, when we arrive they were still working.They started to build the outside walls. When they left, one of the photographers watched the kids while we climbed the improvised stairs to the main level of our house construction to take some few photos there and some drops of rain started right away. We than run to the Bridgwater Lakes main fountain and got few shots before rain got heavier.