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10367189_10152066871171456_3928334782534526563_nWith Jimmy arrival we decide we need a bigger house with at least 2 bathroom, 4 people and just one bath will be crazy in a couple of years with everybody trying to get ready in the morning.

We love our house but it is time to find a new home and start a new chapter in our lives.

Talking with our contractor, I said: “We may move next year”.

And his answers was: “Why not now? I have a lot in Charleswood and I can build a house for you.”

He was asking a very good price for a 100 ftx100 ft LOT and a 2000sqft house. We were very excited and very close to make a deal, but he owns a small company and doesn’t have enough money to do all the work and we pay him after everything is done and we are not rich or have extra savings to give him a large deposit for him start the project.

It was very frustrating, but we need to move on…

We were looking houses on Charleswood, but the prices still very high… Lots of old houses with lots of thing to do.

Seeing our disappointment our real state agent suggest to look in new constructions in Bridgwater Forest/Lakes.

We didn’t want to go that “far”, but when we arrive there, we love the neighborhood and we were “lucky*” because it was fall parade of homes so we could see lots of houses from different builders.

We like the house of the first builder we saw (A&S), but his flyers was not ready and he just got our contacts.

Talking to all builders, we got a very good deal at Kensington Homes, 2000sqft 2 storey house. We prefer a bungalow since 2 storey is not very practical with young kids, but he didn’t have a good size bungalow approved for Bridgwater lakes. Most of builders do 2 Storey houses on Bridgwater. So we gave up the bungalow idea.

We were about to close the deal with Kensington when we got a call from A&S the first one we gave our contacts… And the guy told us he beat any price from Kensington… I know it is a sales person talk… We don’t have nothing to loose so we schedule a meeting.

In the end they couldn’t beat Kensington price because they offer better base product(at least on paper). But they have a bungalow the size we want for a fair price.

And looking on the MAP they only have 1 LOT that allows you to build a raised bungalow, 50% of Bridgwater lots needs to be visitable lots, so we ended up put a hold on the LOT.

Now it is when our New House adventure begins…