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Priscilla’s artichoke alla Italiana

This recipe is mine inspired on my Italian grandmother Lygia S.Kerr. I grew up eating artichoke but just as an appetiser only cooked in chicken broth with melted mozzarella, than they would serve the main meal. In Canada I was surprised that most of my Canadian...

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CORN MEAL BREAD adaptation for Passover

If you have Sephardi roots like me  you can eat corn, if you can eat corn you can bake this easy bread that the prep is under 15 minutes. No mixer needed.  ( My ancestors -MENDONCA - where expelled from Porto, Portugal and forced to convert to Catholicism...

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Mango Flan ( Kosher for Passover)

During Passover week that we can't eat hametz  (what we understand as leavened bread and refers to food prepared from five species of grain–wheat, barley, oats, spelt, and rye–that has been allowed to...

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