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Bridgwater Lakes


Bridgwater Lakes was a area that I didn’t know,  when I was first pregnant with son  Kevin, we went to a friend’s house, another acupuncturist like me,  in Bridgwater Forest and I remember her house, very large bungalow with a view to the lake. But once her house was the first ones there, we could only see mud and dirty. More than 4 years passed from that day and now Bridge water Forest is packed with house and more green. But Felt a bit too busy for me.

I liked the feeling of Bridgwater lakes better, it looks a better planned neighbourhood, with more space and good areas for walking and some playgrounds for the kids. There is a big soccer field for my kids to use in the future, once we are from Brazil, I guess in some moment they might like to know soccer. We do not know much about hockey but our kids are real Canadians, they might use that area to play hockey, who knows?


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