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Turkey neck Bone Broth ( low budget) Gluten Free

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One day a patient told me:- Doctor, Can you write on your blog a low budget recipe for bone broth ? Also something that contains lots of protein and it s gluten free? 

Sure, I can. Give me a challenge and I will accomplish ! Anything for my beloved patients! So as I was thinking of prices I believe the most inexpensive bone is Frozen turkey necks. A tray with 4 necks cost between 3.2- 4.4 dollars. I bought 2 trays at Sobeys on Tuxedo. Also I bought  Indian Whole yellow peas that is super high in protein and I found an organic brand from SURAJ WHOLEPEAS, YELLOW  (1.81 kg) at superstore / Price : $3.88 . Pretty good isn’t it? Than I added ginger roots, carrots, celery and 3 potatoes, rosemary , mushrooms , celery salt, Italian seasoning, smoke mesquite seasoning , kosher salt , mustard powder , onions and garlic. I already had these ingredients at home but you can use the veggies you have available, specially root vegetables. Broth is also helpful to have on hand when anyone in the family gets sick as it can be a soothing and immune boosting drink during illness, even if the person doesn’t feel like eating. It s very high in the anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline.  Promotes sleep and calms the mind.  The collagen and gelatin in bone broth supports hair growth and helps to keep your nails strong. Homemade bone broth is cheaper and healthier than store bought. You should try it!  In addition to this, to have higher healing purposes I choose to add Chinese Pearl Barley ( gluten free) as being capable of: enhancing immunity , inducing diuresis, excreting dampness, strengthening spleen. This week my husband gifted me with a big  7 liters Heritage The Rock pan and I wanted to try it for the first time. I absolutely love it! 


6 turkeys necks

2 shallots chopped

2 garlic cloves chopped 

3 bay leaves 

3 fresh rosemary sticks – remove leaves and chopped super fine

10 cm ginger root no skin and chopped small

1 cup of Whole Indian Yellow peas soaked in water for 60 min prior to cook

10 big crimini mushrooms 

4 small carrots peeled and chopped

2 celery chopped

3 red potatoes peeled and chopped in cubes

1 tea spoon of Italian seasoning

1 tea spoon of smoke mesquite seasoning

1 table spoons of kosher salt 

1 tea spoon of mustard powder 

1 tea spoon of grounded pepper

1 tea spoon of celery salt 

1 cup of Job’s Tears barley/ in Chinese, yì rén / yì mí (薏仁 / 薏米) wash it before you use with running water

5 liters of water

3 tables spoons of olive oil 

3 table spoons of chopped parsley for garnish 

2 table spoons of Chopped green onions for garnish

How to prepare it: 

Get a big Pot I used 7 liters, Stir fry in oil the garlic, ginger root, shallots, the bay leaves and rosemary. Take about 3 minutes. Add the turkey necks. Fry 10 min in low heat one side than turn 5 minutes in the other side. Add half of the water. Than I chopped the rest of the ingredients. Add everything in the pan including the barley, drain the peas and add in the pot. Cover it for 2 hours and 20 minutes in low heat.  Add more water or more salt as you prefer. Wait the necks to be at room temperature as you try to remove as much as you can from the bone, be careful, it has small bones. You can choose not to use any meat if you wish.  Serve warm with some sprinkled chopped parsley on top and green onions.