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Turkey and Chicken Penne Pasta with Veggies using the TCM chicken Broth ingredients

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A close friend’s dad passed away this week and the Shiva was at his sister’s home ( in Judaism Culture; For seven days after the funeral, the family members of the deceased gather in one location. ‘Sitting shiva’ is a term used to describe the action of Jewish mourners participating in the traditional rituals of observing a shiva and the mourners generally stay at home and receive guests to help them pray and reflect upon their loss. source: and our costume is to bring food to the family members.
Once they did not keep Kosher ( otherwise I would need to call dessert plus) I wanted to cook something easy to heat it again with ingredients I had at home. It was cold and snowing outside so I only wanted to leave home to go to Shiva. The previous night of his death I had cook Turkey for Shabbat Dinner and I had also the chicken meat and the Broth with the Brussels Sprouts and carrots saved in the container, ready for use. I also had tomato extract in cans,turkey pepperoni , portobello mushrooms , capers, celery , bell peppers, jalapeno, parsley, fresh basil and the gravy from the turkey.

You can go to the recipe in my Blog that says “TCM Chicken Broth from Scratch without the Chinese herbs” and see the instructions for the Broth and veggies and the Chicken meat you will use.
The Turkey I roasted I need to write the recipe later but for this recipe you can use roasted turkey breast ( smoked or not) that you can buy anywhere.

ingredients :

left over roasted turkey ( chopped in small pieces 3 cups )
left over roasted Chicken thighs from the Broth recipe ( chopped in small pieces to fill up 3 cups)
2 organic tomato paste from Costco
1 cup of chopped Brussels sprouts
1 cup of chopped Carrots
1 table spoon of capers
1 chopped onions
4 gloves of garlic chopped
2 turkey pepperoni chopped
2 portobello mushrooms chopped
2 jalapeno chopped without seeds
1 yellow bell pepper
2 sticks of celery chopped
2 stick of fresh basil , use the whole branch you will remove later
4 cups of chicken broth homemade
1 cup of turkey gravy
1 bag of Organic Penne
1/2 cup of chopped parsley to go on top.
3 table spoon of olive oil
salt and pepper
tea spoon oregano

Because I did not have the big Cans of tomato sauce I had to find a way to dissolve the 2 small cans of tomato paste and that is why I use the Chicken broth with the Turkey gravy ( on to to add EXTRA flavor to the sauce) . In my Gravy was no dairy and it was homemade.

way to prepare:

in a big ceramic pot, saute the onions, garlic and pepperoni in the heated olive oil, be careful to not burn, when the onions turn golden add the portobello and cook for 2-3 min , add the jalapeno and bell pepper. Add the capers and the celery cook for extra 2 min. Add the chicken and turkey meat and mix well, add the broth and the turkey gravy and the 2 cans of tomato paste, put in medium heat, add the basil branch and salt ( 1 table spoon of kosher salt) and pepper to your taste, add the oregano and all the chopped Brussels sprouts and Carrots. Cook in low heat for 30 min. Once is ready, remove the basil stick, save it.

In a separate pan boil 4 liters of water with salt and a bit of oil, add the penne to it, wait 11-12 min and taste to see if is all dente. Strain the liquid and mix the tomato sauce with the penne in a big container. On top add the parsley.It is ready to eat, You can add Parmesan on top if you wish.

When I did this plate I forgot to take photo of the final product but my friend sent me a photo of the kids eating the pasta a day later and all with happy faces, and she asked me the recipe.

so when you cook Turkey and is a lot of left over or do Chicken Broth that is a recipe to use their meat that everyone will enjoy!