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PRISCILLA’S recipe of lamb shoulder with Artichoke heart Portobello mushroom and garden tomatoes in fettuccine pasta

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lambpasta1lambpastaI got my dozen of papadew peppers‬, the Fettuccine pasta, the artichokes hearts, the olives and the tomatoes paste in this place:

a small Italian store at Fort Garry ›
#CalabriaMarket & Wine Store Fort Garry, Winnipeg, Canada address
139 Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3Y1L6

The Lamb shoulder I got at Superstore.
I used 25 cherry tomatoes that my friend Heather got from her family garden.


2 Portobello mushrooms
2 cups of soup stock made with the lamb shoulder ( than I separated the meat for the pasta)
25 organic cherry tomatoes
15 Italians Spicy Olives
10 Papa-dew peppers sliced
10 Artichoke hearts
1 small can of tomatoes paste
3 shallots onions sliced
3 chopped Garlic
1 Lamb Shoulder
1 pack of Fettuccine pasta that serves 4 people
Kosher salt and pepper
10 basil leaves chopped
3 table spoons of organic olive oil

how to prepare it:

in the previous day, if you can prepare the soup stock using the lamb shoulder, this is a similar recipe that I prepared mine :

But use the Lamb shoulder instead, Do not cut the bones, once is ready get the liquid in a container, and sit in the fridge and the meat you separate for the pasta.

Get a big ceramic pot or any big pot for the sauce , get the shallots and fry with olive oil until get some golden color, than add the garlic.
After 2 minutes add the Portobello and fry for few more minutes until is soft. ( medium heat) Add the Lamb meat you separated previously chopped in small pieces to better incorporate in the sauce. Add the cherry tomatoes and one cup of the broth. Add the olives and the artichoke hearts and the papa-dew peppers . Add enough salt and pepper ( 1 table spoon of salt and 1 tea spoon of ground peppers)
add 2-3 cubes of sugar for the acidity to break.
Cover the big pot and put in low heat for about 15 minutes. Wait all the liquids to get more reduced, than you will add more stock and all the tomatoes paste when you noticed is getting too tick. Add the oregano ( 1 tea spoon)
it will take in total 45 min to get all these tomatoes to get incorporate and bring more flavor. Turn off the oven.

In a different pot boil the water and put the fettuccine and wait between 11-13 min and remove when it is al dente.

Mix the pasta in the sauce and on top add the FRESH basil you chopped. And serve with Grana Padano parmesan and Chianti Wine.