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This pizza became famous between my friends. We started to developed the Pizza dough many years ago and it basically took 10 years to get into this recipe. My husband did the dough and open it and I prepared the fresh tomatoes sauce and grated the cheeses or any other type of filling. My son’s favorite food is this plain mozzarella pizza and my favorite is Shitake garlic mushroom pizza. If you ever prepared bread will feels like the same but the ingredients are a bit different. This recipe it good for 4 pizzas, each one 12 inches in diameter, you can wrap in magi-pack and leave in the fridge for few days or put on freezer for when you need it, than remove from the freezer the day before and put on fridge rack. PS: If you choose to use Italian 00 flour, just bake the same recipe in the same way with 00 flour -Italian flours allow the cook to choose both the composition (gluten or protein content) and how finely ground the flour is.  Get the “00” Farina di Grano Tenero for short rise, thin crust pizza. All Purpose Flour or Bread Flour mixed with Semola Remacinata di Grano Duro for thick crust pan pizza. ( in our recipe we mixed with semolina because we don’t like too tick or too thin, this recipe will be in the ” middle” )  We also did a whole grain pizza that was successful, I will share later! The last photo with mushrooms is a whole wheat pizza. Ingredients: 600 ml of warm water 1kg of type Italian “00” flour or Bread Flour 1 table spoon of rapid-Rise Yeast 2 table spoon of sugar 6 table spoons of Extra virgin olive oil 1.5 teaspoons of fine table salt
  50 gr of semolina flour (used to open the dough) Ingredients of Tomato sauce: 2 cloves of chopped garlic 3 table spoons of olive oil 1/2 chopped yellow onion 6 chopped dark red roman tomatoes 1/2 can of tomato puree 1 table spoon of kosher salt 1 tea spoon of dried Italian seasoning 1 tea spoon of dried oregano 6 fresh basil leaves chopped   How to prepare the Dough: From the 1kg of Flour get 2 cups from it, leave each cup separated from each other.  Get a big measured cup where you will do the yeast part: You will add the warm water, the yeast, one cup with the flour you separated and the sugar. Mix well with a spoon. Let the yeast activate (around 10min) In a big container add the rest of the flour ( leave the other cup alone ) + olive oil + salt + the yeast mixture from the measure cup. Mix well all the ingredients like you prepare bread. The extra cup of flour you add if you noticed that the dough is too stick and you can’t work well (note: the dough will be a little sticky, only experience will tell you the “right” consistency), sometimes when it is too humid, you need more flour and when it is too dry inside the house ( like winters) than you might not use that extra flour at all. Because we prepared this dough in December, we did not touched that extra cup. After you worked on the dough for 10 minutes you get one extra table spoon of olive oil and put on the bottom of your container than you make sure you get your big dough wet in every corner, that is to make sure it does not get dry while the dough rises it for 3 hours. Turn on your oven a bit to let it warm and turn it off (1 to 2 min).  Get the container with the Dough and cover with a humid clean kitchen cloth. Make sure  the cloth it is not too wet.  Put the container inside the warm oven and leave it there for 3 hours. Put the dough on the fridge to rest for 12 hours before you use it again. That part is essential to get a good Pizza dough. Remove dough from fridge 4 hours before baking and divide in 4 and roll into balls anddust a bit of flour on the balls. Cover with a dry cloth and let it rest or put in a air tight container, the important is to do not let the dough dry and form a crust. Put Pizza stone in the middle rack of your oven in a pre heated 500 F. Dust your surface with semolina flour and open the dough to 12in discs, it is hard to explain, but there are lots of videos on the internet explaining and better not use roller pin to open the dough. I use 2-3 table spoon of tomato sauce for each pizza disk, add mozzarella cheese and your favorites toppings, bake for 8-9 min.   How to prepare a Tomato sauce: In a pan  in medium heat add the oil, wait to be warm than add the onions and garlic. Stir fry for 2 minutes than add the rest of the ingredients. If is too tick I would add vegetable broth to it, it will be ready in 20 minutes in low heat. To get the Pizza ready once the dough is open, bake sure you do it with borders otherwise the cheese will escape and will make a mess in your oven. Add the tomatoes sauce in room temperature and grated cheese on top. You can add others toppings as well, I like to stir fry shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and 3 cloves of garlic for few minutes than I add on top of the cheese, it is delicious. This pizza is a hit in every adult or Kids party! pizz3p1p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 p10 p11 p12 p12a p13 p14 pizz1