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Mascarpone Cheese Pie with Vanilla bean strawberry Jam and fresh berries

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I had guests last night, Brazilian newcomers Claudia and Fernando that I met months ago and I wanted to make the ricotta pie for them.
My husband the previous night decided we should prepare an agnolotti pasta ( Agnolotti is a type of pasta typical of the Piedmont region of Italy) and he used all my ricotta for the pie.
The good news is that he bought one extra container of Tre Stelle Mascarpone Cheese. So I just had to adapt a bit my previous ricotta cheese pie and upgrade it.
One thing about cooking is that you can try better next time, once you know it is perfect ask your husband to set a cooking blog for you and write it down, otherwise you will never remember it, I lost so many genius creations, but not anymore! I think this one turned out better than the last one I posted here. It is less sweet, more refreshing and so good looking. It is not that difficult, give it a try.

for the Dough:

250 gr of no name Honey Graham Crumbs
1/2 cup of salted butter
add lemon zest from one lemon
3 table spoons of crushed pecans

Cheese Mixture:

1 package of Knox® Unflavoured Gelatine and dissolved in 1/3 cup of hot water
1 can of thick cream (the best one you find that Asian products at Superstore)
300 gr of mascarpone (Tre Stelle Mascarpone Cheese)
1 tea spoon of vanilla extract
2 table spoon of agave syrup
1/3 can of organic Coconut milk
1 tea spoon of lemon zest

2 cups of fresh strawberries
1 table spoon of orange peel jam
1 table spoon of blueberry jam
1 grated apple with the peel
2 table spoon of lemon juice
2 table spoon of raw organic sugar cane
2 tea spoons of agar agar dissolved in 1/3 cup of hot water
1 vanilla bean

extra topping:

1 cup of each : Organic strawberries and raspberries I got from Crampton’s Market
Fresh peppermint leaves from the garden

Preparing the dough:

In a big bowl mix with your hands all the ingredients and after you mixed well line up in the bottom of an Aluminum Cake Pan with Removable Bottom, Round, 8 by 3-Inch. (we got a SPRINGFORM PAN 8″Product #064019004000 from that features a design for easy removal and serving.)
Than preheat oven to 375 F and and bake for 10 min and remove it and wait to be room temperature.

Preparing the cheese mixture

In another bowl add all the ingredients and use a mixer or a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth for 3 minutes.
Add this mixture on top of the room temperature cooled baked dough and put in the fridge for 4 hours.


Do this part once the 4 hours are completed and your cheese mixture is firm .
In a medium pan, in medium heat I added one cup of organic raw sugar cane sugar and one vanilla bean. (I made a cut to let the extract come out to the jam and after jam was done I removed the bean) than add all the other ingredients but wait to add agar agar in the end.
Once it boils put the heat on low and wait 20 min and pay attention to don’t burn it, mix once in a while.If you think is getting too tick just add a bit of water.
It is time to add the agar agar dissolved in hot water, than mix well for extra 2 min and turn off the heat.
Wait to cool down a bit but don’t wait to get too cold otherwise the agar agar will get firmer and you want that to happen on top of your pie.

extra topping:

Arrange the sliced strawberries and the raspberries on top of the Jam part and add peppermint leaves, about 20 small leaves. Than put back on the fridge for one more hour.

Before serving it add a plate under the SPRINGFORM PAN 8″ (20 CM) and remove bottom carefully.

You can look for some of the photos of the Ricotta pie that maintained the same steps: