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Gluten free Provolone and Spinach cherry tomatoes pie ( Kosher for Passover)

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Yesterday I had that some spinach in the bag that was not looking as good as days ago, I had to think in something quickly.

I looked what I have in my fridge and I decided to stir fry the spinach. I had some cherry tomatoes , Parmesan and provolone cheese from Calabria wine Market that would make a good match. I decided to keep in the fridge some very quick and nutritious breakfast options with low carbohydrates intake.

This is a very easy recipe and good for the Passover that is not that far away. It took me 10 minutes to prep and 25 in the oven and it is easy to keep in the fridge for few days, I warmed up in the oven this morning and these cheese pie muffins tasted as fresh as yesterday night !



12 muffins papers

Muffin Pan, 12-Cup

5 large eggs

1 cup of 2% milk or goat milk

1 table spoon of grated provolone cheese

1 table spoon of grated Parmesan cheese

1 tea spoon of salt

1 tea spoon of pepper

1 tea spoon of oregano

6 cherry tomatoes  cut  in half

3 cups of spinach leaves

1 sliced  shallot (a type of onion)

1 table spoon of olive oil

2 table spoons of coconut flour

1 tea spoon of baking powder

one medium container


How to prepare it:


preheat the oven to 350F. Get the container and get a Kitchen Stainless Steel Egg beaters and mix the milk with the flour and the baking powder for one or 2 minutes. Add the eggs, the oregano, the pepper, the salt and the cheeses. Reserve it.

in a sauce pan Stir fry in oil the shallot until they get transparent and golden and add the spinach and the tomatoes, wait until the leaves cooked and turned to a darker green color. Turn off the heat.

Put the muffins paper on the tray and add half of the egg preparation mixture in each paper. Divide in equal portions of 12 the spinach and tomatoes you fried. Add in the mixture and cover with the rest of the mixture until each muffins papers is covered 90%.

Put the tray in oven for 25-30 minutes, wait to cool down and you once is in room temperature add inside a Ziploc bag and leave in the fridge. Consume at anytime just warm up again for 10 minutes before you eat. You can use Sour cream and some chopped chives on top, I tried this way in the morning and it was delicious.


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