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French Bagette

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Before you ask. Slow fermentation adds lots of flavor to the dough, but there is a limit on how long you can let the dough fermenting before the gluten starts to loose strength, that is why we pre ferment a batch and mix fresh batch

450g Flour
7g Salt
245ml water
7g quick rise yeast

mix all dry ingredients and add water, mix all ingredients until they form a ball, cover the bow with plastic wrap and let it slow rise in the fridge for 12-24 hours

500g flour
10g salt
300ml flour
5g quick rise yeast

same procedure as before but add the previous dough to the mixture knead the dough for 8min until very smooth, cover with plastic wrap and back to the fridge for another 12-24 hours

Fold the dough couple times, cut the dough in 6 pieces, pre shape the dough (not to final size yet) leave to rest to 15min
Now roll the dough to final size, around 30cm

Let it rest on a floured couche or a lint free clouth for 1 hour, but pre heat the oven to 450F 30min before the time is up
Transfer carefully to baking tray I put 3 on each tray, score the baguette with very sharp knife.
add a rosting tray in the bottom of the oven and add boiling water
bake for 20-25 min

note: dough is good for 36 hours in the fridge, so you can bake on batch in one day and another in the next day